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Recap: ITCC Spring In-Person Member Meeting

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In March, 33 members of the IT Certification Council (ITCC) gathered together in Scottsdale, Arizona for their
Spring Meeting. Each year the group convenes ahead of the Innovations in Testing Conference to discuss the latest from member organizations and the industry. The day kicked off with updates from each of the different Task Forces and Committees including Membership, Education, Securing Certifications, Badging, Marketing, and Finance.
The highlight of the day was when members exchanged ideas and best practices for success in the testing industry in small groups. Discussions focused on key issues facing stakeholders including certification candidates, program managers, and vendors. The interactive session led to the development of new projects for the Badging Task Force Task Forces around agile development, documentation of the IT certification ecosystem, and developing a process for legal and program support to invalidate if unauthorized material is used.

During the meeting, ITCC also presented the Innovation Award in recognition of
achievements or innovations from a team for the creation of a product, service, or initiative that resulted in a positive impact to their company or the IT certification industry. This year, Acclaim / IBM were announced as the winners in acknowledgment of the innovative learning recognition program created by IBM. With a goal of attracting, developing, and engaging a workforce of IT talent to support its strategic goals, the recognition program uses open badges, which IBM began issuing in 2015 through Pearson’s Acclaim platform. Working together, the two organizations developed and applied best practices to create an industry-leading badging program that is producing remarkable results, increasing learner engagement and motivating skills progression across IBM’s talent ecosystem.

As the Board and members alike wrap up details of the Spring Meeting, consider joining in and contributing your experience at the ITCC Fall Meeting. Additional information to follow when available.

Looking to learn more about the details of the meeting? The presentation and meeting minutes are available for your review on Basecamp. Contact ITCC HQ for access today.

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