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Whether you’re looking for education, up-to-date news, or connections in the world of IT certifications, ITCC has what you need. The biggest names in the IT certification industry have come together to share their experiences, promote the value of IT certification, and to make sure that hard-earned credentials are protected. 

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Qualifications for Membership

To join ITCC, all companies must meet the following criteria: 

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About the ITCC Community

The purpose of ITCC is to provide value to its IT company, vendor, and consultant members by offering a forum for education, the sharing of best practices, and discussion of issues important to the IT certification industry.

We collaborate while also ensuring:

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Annual Membership Rates

IT Organizations and Non-Profit Group Membership

To be considered for non-profit membership, your company must be a recognized 501(c)(6) in the U.S. or under a similar status for non-U.S. companies. Please contact us with any questions regarding your status.

Annual Rate: $4,000

Vendor Membership

This membership applies to any company outside of the test sponsor and non-profit member category.

Annual Rate: $7,500

Individual Consultant Membership

Annual Rate: $1,500