Welcome ITCC’s New Board Members

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Marketing and Communications Task Force Chair: Mike Tamberino

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Mike Tamberino is a team leader in client services and sales at Prometric and for six years has managed groups of clients that deliver certification programs in the  IT space, both professional  services and corporate. He works in the delivery of tests to clients. His background is in sales and marketing, and initially he worked in sales management in logistics. Mike has been involved in the ITCC for two years and is looking forward to playing his part to promote the council and assist in membership development. He will continue to serve on the Test Security Subteam.

Education Committee Chair: Bryan Kainrath


Bryan Kainrath is a VP for the for-profit Examplify. He has spent the past 11 years working in skill certification with CompTIA. He runs the certification products, support and operations for customers including Intel, Accenture, and various schools.

Membership Director: Duane Draper


Duane Draper is the Business Excellence Group Manager at Microsoft. He has been with Microsoft for 19.5 years and is currently in operations, having previously worked in sales management and corporate finance. Duane leads Microsoft Learning Experiences business intelligence and analytics team as well as security and anti-piracy efforts. He has had a hand in publishing certification preparation books and books for all Microsoft products. Training is his expertise. Duane has been involved in the ITCC and ATP in an effort to provide more information in certification.

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There’s something about the word “certified” when it precedes a professional title that conveys the consumers and employers a sense of trust, credibility, knowledge and an official “stamp” of approval. This is not a coincidence. IT certification has long been a proven means of differentiation and qualification among professionals in the industry. Employers often include certification as a prerequisite when seeking qualified candidates to fill positions; consumers often trust only those IT professionals who boast credentials proving they have attained a certain level of knowledge.