2019 Innovation Award Winner Profile: ISACA

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The Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC) is now reviewing submissions for its ninth annual Innovation Award – an award recognizing leadership initiatives that have positively impacted the IT certification industry or your company.

We’d like to highlight some of the award’s past winners and share how the award changed things for their organization. In today’s blog, we’re catching up with 2019 Innovation Award winner ISACA, who used journey mapping as a holistic approach to provide alignment, build internal capability, and to drive clear prioritization of decisions and investments that will have the greatest impact to customer satisfaction and loyalty with ISACA Certifications.

The design process included employees from across functional areas, as well as their exam delivery partner, PSI. The journey map continues to be used as a teaching and prioritization tool.

Keep reading to hear from Kim Cohen, senior director of credentialing, at ISACA.

How has winning the award helped you/your organization within ITCC or the industry? Has it opened any doors or created opportunities/connections?

Winning the innovation award enabled networking opportunities as many organizations and certifying bodies have reached out to gain more information on how to go about creating a Certification Journey. It’s been very enjoyable speaking with other industry professionals looking to improve their certification program processes and the collaboration on all things credentialing related.

How has winning the award helped your team within your organization?

The internal exposure the award has brought to ISACA’s Certification Journey resulted in cross-functional support to implement the enhancements identified by the results of the Journey mapping. The deployment of these operational enhancements, such as improvements to certification-related promotions, website pages, and a decrease in the application processing turnaround time, has increased our customer satisfaction.

How did your organization decide to apply for the Innovation Award?

ISACA was not familiar with the Innovation Award, but our testing vendor encouraged us to apply for the award when we socialized the results of the Certification Journey with them.

Learn more about the ITCC 2023 Innovation Award

To learn more about the ITCC Innovation Award, visit the 2023 Innovation Award page on the ITCC website for all the details. 2023 submissions are now being reviewed by the judging panel, and this year’s winner will be announced at the ITCC Spring Member Meeting in March.  

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