VMware’s Domain, Certification, Badge, Exam, and Digital Badge Conventions

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October Education Session

Join us Thursday, October 20 at 11:00 a.m. Central


  • James Robinson, Senior Staff Exam Development Manager at VMware Education Services

Presentation Overview

VMware will share its conventions used to promote consistency for all developments, deliver predictability for its learning community, and to prevent missteps, mistakes, and confusions across developments.

Q&A with James Robinson

Why is this topic important to the IT certification industry?

Credentialing conventions are key to eliminating missteps and mistakes, as well as providing a consistent and predictable program experience for learners.

What key takeaway do you hope attendees learn or implement based on your presentation?

Participants will gain insight into VMware’s conventions and find inspiration in creating their own.

What’s the biggest change for the IT certification industry that this topic is driving? Or should be aware of? Trends?

Standardization is important topic for all programs at all times.

About the Speaker

James Robinson is a Senior Staff Exam Development Manager with VMware Education Services. He has over 20 years’ experience in IT, working with global companies such as VMware, HPE, 3Com and AT&T.  His background includes time in the field as a Strategic Partner Engineer as well as creating and managing several training and certification programs.

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