Innovation Award List of Accomplishments

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The Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC) is now reviewing submissions for its ninth annual Innovation Award – an award recognizing leadership initiatives that have positively impacted the IT certification industry or your company. The winner of the 2023 ITCC Innovation Award will be announced at the ITCC Spring Member Meeting in Dallas, Texas on March 12, 2023.

Previous ITCC Innovation Award winners have submitted innovations on:

  • A virtual platform that applies a unique combination of crowdsourcing, automation, and AI-assisted technology to enable more efficient and cost-effective test development – built from the ground up to revolutionize the exam industry.
  • A solution that addresses and enables a secure, remotely proctored practical exam with fully automated and consistent scoring on live hardware – all for a delivery cost that is dramatically less to conduct.
  • A program that makes it easy for developers to leverage their work done in building real-world software applications to earn credit toward a developer certification, saving developers hundreds of dollars and months of time.
  • A learning recognition program that uses badges to attract, engage, and develop IT talent across the globe. Results include increased learner engagement and motivating skills progression across the organization’s talent ecosystem.
  • A secure remote testing platform for proctored, performance-based certification available online, that improves the security of online exams and increases access to testing for exam candidates from anywhere.
  • An approach that uses journey mapping to provide alignment, build internal capability, and drive clear prioritization of decisions and investments with the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. The design process included team members from across many functional areas and continues to be used as a teaching and prioritization tool.

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