Certification Spotlight: Clarke Porter

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Clarke Porter was one of the founders of Integral7, a SAS-based credential management system. Integral7 was acquired by Pearson VUE in 2010, and he currently leads the technology businesses that support credentialing. Clarke has a long history in the IT certification industry, having worked with Novell in the late 80’s to establish the first IT certification. He was also one of the founders of Drake Prometric and VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) and served as their President and CEO, respectively. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the professional credentials you offer at Pearson?Pearson VUE is the leading global computer-based testing organization, not only for the IT industry but many other industries and professions from health care to insurance to financial services. We partner with the leading credentialing bodies to deliver millions of exams to aspiring and continuing professionals. To see a complete list of IT certifying bodies we work with, click here.

Where do you see IT certification going for Pearson or technology in the next few years?
IT certification is a key market for Pearson VUE – we have a pervasive global network of Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers (PVTCs) over 5,000 strong. Pearson VUE offers expanded delivery options, which include internet-based testing, and mobile testing to compliment our test center delivery offering. We continue to innovate and expand our offering to meet changing market needs. Today, testing organizations are demanding more options to deliver exams and measure professional competency. We understand and help our clients demonstrate the value of certification for employers and professionals – in terms of improved quality and productivity for employers and better career opportunities for professionals.

Who would you recommend consider getting certified by Pearson?
We see certification as a career readiness and advancement strategy. The certifying bodies we work with are providing the core technologies that companies rely on to operate their businesses. IT professionals are required in every market segment, and there is currently a shortage of IT skilled professionals in the workforce. IT jobs are plentiful and rewarding, and IT certifications help positively differentiate workers seeking jobs.

What is the best way to prepare for a certification from Pearson?
Pearson VUE and its partners offer a wide array of training and test preparation materials for IT professionals. There is also a wealth of content online, through higher education institutions, vocational schools, and independent for profit training companies. MindHub offers a sampling of test preparation products for IT professionals.

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There’s something about the word “certified” when it precedes a professional title that conveys the consumers and employers a sense of trust, credibility, knowledge and an official “stamp” of approval. This is not a coincidence. IT certification has long been a proven means of differentiation and qualification among professionals in the industry. Employers often include certification as a prerequisite when seeking qualified candidates to fill positions; consumers often trust only those IT professionals who boast credentials proving they have attained a certain level of knowledge.