2022 Vendor Innovation Session

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Learn about ITCC’s Vendor Members

After hosting the first-time highly attended and well-received Vendor Innovation Session last October, ITCC has decided to make the special session an annual event. This year’s session will be held on Tuesday, October 25 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Central, and all ITCC members are encouraged to join!

The ITCC Vendor Innovation Session will provide an opportunity for ITCC members to learn about vendor members and recent product and/or company innovations. While the session is not meant to be a sales pitch, we understand you will want to share about your programs, products, and services. This is an educational opportunity for ITCC members to learn about each of the vendor member companies and to create more meaningful working connections within the ITCC community.

All ITCC members are invited to join the session. Each of the 21 of the current ITCC vendor members are invited to present at the session by registering on the event page below.

We look forward to a great session!

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