Remaining Competitive in the Workplace: The Potential of Digital Badging in the IT Industry

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Dr. Ginger Malin

Dr. Ginger Malin of BadgeCert 

Because information technology evolves so quickly, it is vital that IT professionals continually hone their skills in order to stay competitive. As such, upon completion of training and certification programs, these professionals must have a way to effectively convey their verified knowledge and expertise to their employers, contractors, and recruiters.  In today’s digital world, traditional forms of professional recognition, namely paper certificates, are no longer an effective way to communicate the nature of earned credentials, nor can they be readily verified or socially shared online. Enter digital credentials, oftentimes called badges, as a means to reliably recognize professional achievements such as certifications, awards and other continuing education experiences. This presentation will provide an overview of the concept of digital credentialing and discuss its potential in helping organizations meet their goals while also delivering significant value to their stakeholders.

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About the Presenter:
Dr. Ginger Malin is the Founder and EVP of Business Development at BadgeCert. She is a recognized leader in employing cutting-edge virtual learning technologies to help organizations educate, inspire and recognize their stakeholders’ accomplishments. As an award-winning Professor and technology entrepreneur, Ginger has published widely on the subjects of learner engagement and motivation, instructional design, and educational technology and has held faculty appointments at Lake Forest College and DePaul University.

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