Learn About Privacy and Exam Security at Next Week’s ITCC Member Meeting

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Attend the May ITCC Member Meeting call on Thursday, May 15 at 11:00 a.m. Central to hear Kerri Davis from Microsoft give a presentation on Privacy and Exam Security.

Privacy is a hot topic these days, and a company’s obligation to keep customer information safe cannot be underestimated. But what does this mean in terms of exam security? How do security practices such as authentication, biometrics, exam data, and customer profiling affect privacy concerns? What does a certification provider or exam deliverer need to do to keep a balance between keeping testing secure and honoring a customers’ right to privacy?

Find answers to these questions next week, during the ITCC Member Meeting!

Kerri Davis is the Anti-Piracy Program Manager and Privacy Manager for Microsoft’s Learning Experiences. She is a Certified Privacy Manager (CIPM) and handles privacy matters, exam security, and IP protection for the training and certification arm of Microsoft. 

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