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National Instruments Certification: An Engineer’s Approach to Performance Based Testing

Presenter: Nathanael Letchford, National Instruments
 Thursday, September 21, 2017 – 11:00 a.m. CT

National Instruments has been involved in performance based testing for over 15 years to certify users of our flagship software, LabVIEW. Over the past 15 years the program has grown to 2500+ performance based exams administered per year and an additional 20,000+ multiple choice exams. This presentation will cover NI’s approach and philosophy to certification as well as technical and logistical hurdles and accomplishments along the way.

About the Speaker:
Nathanael is a mechanical engineering graduate from Texas Tech University. He began working for National Instruments in the Application Engineering department in January, 2013, specializing in NI’s vision and motion products. In August 2015 he moved to the Customer Education and Certification group to assume his current role of Staff Certification Engineer. In this role Nathanael has lead development on automated grading tools for performance based exams, expanding exam delivery options to an online, remotely proctored, exam delivery system and implemented the pilot program of NI’s digital badging effort.

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