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As a member of ITCC, we wanted to provide you with key details on the latest special projects and member benefits. Below highlights the ways you can get more involved in ITCC in the coming months.

Fun Facts From the First Half of 2017
Here are some fun facts about ITCC from the first half of this year:

  • Held a total of 6 Member Meetings
  • 146 attendees at Member Meetings
  • Active Task Forces: 5
  • Completed Projects: 4

ITCC welcomes our newest members: Logical Operations and Dr. Wallace Judd, Authentic Testing Corp.

Monthly Member Meetings
Each month ITCC hosts virtual Member Meetings with the goal of encouraging members to take time to listen to what others are doing in the certification industry to spark discussion. Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month. Have an idea for an upcoming meeting? Interested in reviewing recent meetings? Visit the Member Meeting Database on Basecamp for more information.

Upcoming: August Member Meeting
Title: ITCC/PTC Joint Meeting Brainstorm
Date: Thursday, August 17th
Time: 11am CT

March In Person Meeting Wrap Up
If you weren’t able to attend the March in person meeting at ATP, stop by the ITCC Blog for a quick recap. Otherwise, all materials are available on Basecamp for your review.

Fall In Person Meeting
We are thrilled to share that Microsoft has graciously agreed to host the next ITCC Face to Face Meeting!

Mark your calendar to join us October 4th-5th in Seattle, Washington. Both ITCC and the Performance Testing Council (PTC) will meet at Microsoft for their meetings and host a half day joint session between the two groups. The joint PTC and ITCC session will have performance based testing case studies as well as detailed discussion groups.

As we discussed during our last in person meeting, ITCC has been looking at ways to help offset costs of the in person meetings. The Board has been working hard to close the gap and we’d like to try offering a $50 fee to support covering the cost of the Member Dinner. With different reimbursement policies from each of our member companies, a receipt will be provided to mark it as either a registration fee for the meeting or as a meal cost for dinner, whichever the member chooses when providing their RSVP.

Besides your travel expenses, all other meeting meals will be graciously covered by Microsoft as Fall Meeting hosts.

We hope you join us as we discuss the latest from ITCC and the certification industry in the beautiful northwestern U.S. this Fall.

If you are an IT vendor and interested in sponsoring the Member Dinner, please reach out to ITCC HQ for details on the opportunity.

Fall Meeting Schedule:
Tuesday, October 3rd:           PTC Meeting
Wednesday, October 4th:     Morning – ITCC Board Meeting
Afternoon – PTC and ITCC combined session
Thursday, October 5th:          ITCC Meeting

Feel free to begin booking your flights now according to the above schedule into Seattle Tacoma International Airport (Airport Code: SEA). The ITCC Meeting on Thursday, October 5th will conclude by 3:00 p.m. local time. Hotel information as well as a Travel Memo will be provided next week for you to reserve accommodations.

Join a Project or Task Force
Contribute to industry task forces and special projects that influence global IT Certification policies. Current projects include:

  • Agile Development
  • Certification Roadmap
  • Process for Legal and Program Support to Invalidate if Unauthorized Material is Used
  • ITCC Marketing Task Force
  • Badging

If you are interested in participating or have additional ideas, tell us here.

Recently Completed Task Force Projects:

  • ITCC Incident Response Matrix
  • Certification Program Question List
  • Remote Proctoring – Benefits, Risks, and Lessons Learned White Paper
  • Badge Program Checklist

Basecamp is the project management tool ITCC Task Forces use to collaborate and also hosts:

  • Member Meeting Video Database – All Member Meeting Videos since 2014
  • ITCC March In Person Member Meeting Wrap-Up 
    • March Meeting Presentation and Minutes
    • 2016 Employer Survey Results
    • Recently Completed Task Force Projects:
      • ITCC Incident Matrix
      • Certification Program Question List
      • Remote Proctoring – Benefits, Risks, and Lessons Learned White Paper

Join Our LinkedIn Group
ITCC’s private LinkedIn Group is the format members use to engage with each other. Have a quick question or interested in starting discussion? This is the place to connect with other individuals in the industry who are part of ITCC.

We also have a public company page, so feel free to connect with ITCC there as well.

Have questions about your membership? Want to learn more about other members of the group? Interested in getting more involved? Contact ITCC HQ for more information and support!

Invite Your Colleagues
To make sure you and your colleagues stay up to date on the newest ITCC news, please email ITCC the contact information of those who should be added to our member roster.

Download Our Free Whitepaper

Download the ITCC Remote Proctoring Trends Whitepaper to understand the types of remote proctoring available, new innovations, lessons learned, and what lies ahead.