Attend a Webinar on Protecting Tests Using U.S. Copyright Law

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Protecting Your Tests Using U.S. Copyright Law
Wednesday, February 19, 12:00-1:00 p.m. EST
Part of the Caveon Webinar Series


U.S. copyright laws can be used to protect the integrity of your tests and keep your exam from being copied. And when your exam content winds up online, the U.S. Copyright laws can also be used to remove that content from infringing web sites.

Kenneth Horton, from the law firm of Kirton and McConkie, will discuss key issues on this important topic. With a technical degree, a business degree (MBA), and a legal degree, Ken provides a multi-disciplinary approach to intellectual property services. These services are enhanced by his constant research into both the legal and strategic aspects of intellectual property required by his teaching position as an associate professor in IP Strategy. Ken exhibits an entrepreneurial flair through investing in—and consulting with—technology-focused companies.

Ken will be joined by a member of the Caveon web patrol team who will discuss other aspects of finding infringing content online.

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